You can not heal that which you choose not to feel .  Come on Christ followers.   Lets get real and start with the issues at hand.   Maybe one at a time, but we have to be willing.  I must tell you that it is very painful to look at yourself.  But it is so worth it.  You are so worth it.  I have had to do this time and time again.  It seems it is so much easier to justify our actions or blame other people.  But in reality in the end it will only be you and Christ.  So Ask the SPIRIT and HE will show it. You too can receive freedom.

Tomorrow I will reveal something that The SPIRIT revealed to me.  I did not like it but now that I know it  I can change it and change it for the better. Amen…


One thought on “Heal

  1. So true. I can attest to my behavior of justifying and blaming others, not taking responsibility for my actions. Such a weight off my shoulders to stop and take a deep look into myself. Can’t wait to read what the Spirit has revealed to you. Good reads!

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