Heal part 2

I want to be spiritual and to think I am somebody , but I am just like everyone else.  Trying to do good and live my life on the good road.  I believe when we draw close to God He draws near to us.  If you seek Him and ask Him to show you yourself He will.  But just be prepared you might not like it.  I am not saying that every area of you (me) is bad .  We all have great gifts and talents. I am talking about the ones in which cause you trouble.  The ones that cause you pain or cause you to stumble.

I do understand when Paul talks about this in Romans 7:15-20. But the revelation that I received from the SPIRIT made me have to look at myself once again.  He showed me that I can easily get my focus off of Him.  I am always striving to be better and once my marriage fell apart.   I vowed never again to put anyone nor anything before Him.  He showed me that I truly never devoted everything to Him.   I know that I need to let go of every area of my life.  Then I can truly heal.   God has always taken care of my needs I trust Him then I need to live like I do.  Not for the world to see but for me in my soul in my heart where only He sees.    But Thank God  He loves me enough to show me and help me to change.  It is not easy but I am worth it and so are you……



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