My thoughts seem constant from the moment I wake up until my eyes close and I fall asleep.  So many different thoughts running though my mind.  It could be a thought about him or a thought about her.  From food to a car or a bill .  Maybe I think about shoes and losing weight?  But then there are the days when you think about the things that you don’t want to.  I do understand how it is better not to know certain things or to do certain things because then they are always with you.

If you are anything like me you have a lot of things in your mind.  You can try to let go and you do great but then a song or a smell or a place and it brings you back.  You feel the pain all over again  and a tear runs down your cheek.  You can repeat to yourself this too shall pass and it does.  It is not has painful as before when you (me)  were  in the fetal position on the ground sobbing uncontrollable.  Today it could be one tear or on harder days a little weeping.   But this is part of my mind I am full of emotions.   I really would not want it any other way because I am who I am…..


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