I was never a good student .  I loved talking and messing around in class.  Writing and spelling were my worst subject.   Oh no I think it was math and science?   But never the less I could say I was less then average .  But I love sharing my thoughts and feeling it seems to help me .  Learning to blog is the first step in getting out what is inside me . I have so much that I want to share with anyone who wants to read it.

So I have been told that keeping things in is not good for you .  And writing them releases them .   If you want to share it with others .  That is so quickly possible these days.  With all this social media you could share your thoughts or feeling in an instance .   I want to write first to be vulnerable  with my readers .   In hopes that if they are going though something , that they realize they are not alone.  We have different thoughts and feeling .  Some of our actions are the same .  So I want to share me so you could share you and not feel like you are the only one with those thoughts .  Or believe you are the only one going though what you are going though.  Try and remember that someone is going though it even worse  then you .  I may not be the best writer but I giving you a part of me and I hope whatever you are going though I can give you hope and maybe you can give a part of you away……


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