So you know what they say that we should not worry and that it adds nothing to your life . Actually it takes away from your life .  But for some reason we still worry .  For example you worry about your children or your job.  I actually just lost mine.  And boy if I allow my mind to go there I would be a reck .  So I practice in mind that everything is going to be alright .  I talk to GOD a lot and I keep telling Him that I trust Him completely.  I don’t know how I am going to make it . But in all my years I have made it this far .  And I am going to get threw this without worrying.  

Everyone has a degree of worry .  Some get sick over it .  I mean actually sick .  I know a lady who would break out every time she would worry .  Other people tend to get into a bad mood and snap at you , not because they are mad but because they are worried .  You know people who look so old like they aged over night .  It is usually because they were stressed and worried over sometime tragic in their lives.  Some people eat and eat when they are worried.  That’s called emotional eating . Others don’t eat at all.  For me it can go either way .  Some folks want to get high so they don’t care instead of worrying about it .  That’s called crazy ! 

All I know is that GOD says not to worry .  Right if it were that easy I believe  we all would Not do it .  A lot of the times the things we worry do not come true.  So why do we do it then ?  Ask your self next time you when you start to worry . Is this true ?  Is this right? Is this real ?  Most of the time it is not !  So let’s not worry ….


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