My own troubles . 

Everyone has issues.  The one I want to talk about is transgender.  I can’t imagine wanting to become the opposite sex.   Struggling to fit in .  To not be happy with the sex my parents made me .  

First hand I must confess and rightfully so ,   I am a God fearing and God loving woman .  I gave my life to the LORD 25 years ago .  What that means in case some of you readers don’t know . Simply put I love GOD the FATHER , JESUS the Son and The HOLY SPIRIT.  To talk about this would take another time . 

I do know I love people and always want the best for them .  But I have a huge problem with having a sex change .  I quite can’t understand it .  I do however understand struggles of all different kinds.  And I can’t quite grasp this struggle.  Is it a brain issue?  Or is it a heart issue ?  What would make someone feel like they should of been born the opposite gender ?   What makes them feel like that ?  I do know some have said ever sense they were little they always felt different .  I have read articles and watched programs about it .  It makes me sad for the person this affects and their whole family .  Fathers wanting to become mothers after being married and having children .  To me this is not normal .  Nothing in it is normal to me .  But as many of you know some have had the sex change and seem to be happy becoming the opposite sex.  

Something I guess I will never understand .  And something I have never stuggled with .  Believe me I have my own stuggles and I know so do you .  Whether it be you eat to much or you spend to much .  Maybe your hooked on porn or hooked on drugs .  Maybe you love gossip or have a mean spirit .  But whatever it may be .  I still can’t help but to feel so bad with someone struggling with transgender … 


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